Dawn's Delights

Definitely Delicious

Come see what makes our treats so delightful!

A drinking town with a fishing problem, its inhabitants affectionately call it. Montauk is what everybody else does. This town contains many houses and many kitchens, but one kitchen in particular would catch your attention because it seems to perpetually smell of cinnamon and sugar and chocolate and peanut butter (all natural ingredients of course) and no matter the time of year or time of day, you can guarantee that you’ll find a tasty treat waiting for you on the countertop. This is Dawn’s kitchen and it is here that she creates her Delights.

A pinch of magic, some say. Just elbow grease and sweat, say others. If you ask her how she concocts her confections, she’ll smile and happily share a recipe with you. And you’ll nod along and rush home to try your hand because the way she describes it seems so easy.  But you can bet that your sugar cookies won’t have the same crunch. Your key lime pie won’t pack the same punch.  And don’t even attempt to recreate her cupcake-in-a-jar — you’ll only disappoint yourself.  You’re better off trying to mimic Mozart.

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